Phuljadi Jewellery Showroom

Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

  • YEAR :

This designer jewelry store is situated in Shahpur Jat, the hub of boutique stores in South Delhi. The brief was to have a display area, an office, and an area for artisans. The concept behind the design of the store was derived from the jewelry to be displayed, which ranged from contemporary designs to traditional and was vibrant and colourful. The main entrance is marked by a bright blue traditional style door, with display windows carved out in its design. The display windows are marked with wood-framed display boxes suspended using ropes. The display area is designed with a couple of pop colours balanced by the white walls and wooden tones. Ropes are used to create a false ceiling and as a partition between spaces. The design of the display wall shelving is derived from a geometric composition as wall art, and made in black steel. Distress painted furniture with traditional designed knobs add the Indian accent to the space. The office area sits behind the corner, partitioned by ropes, to maintain a visual connection with the display area. A small seating and discussion area acts as a transition between the office and the main display area.

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