Boutique Hotel, Dharamshala

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

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The planning of this hotel on a challenging narrow and long site successfully addresses issues of daylight in the core of the building and maximizing views from guest rooms without compromising on privacy. Situated away from the city hustle, on a mountain slope, in the spiritual city of Dharamshala, this hotel building sits on a narrow site, facing the lush green valley. Responding to the client’s requirement the hotel is designed as a contemporary structure amongst its many traditional looking counterparts around it. Built to respect the natural slope, the building is accessible from two different road levels. The lower level enters into the parking, while the Lobby is accessed from the higher road level. The double height lobby is well lit from a covered courtyard which doubles up as the hotel restaurant. The Courtyard is the core of the building, letting in ample daylight to all floors and lighting up the corridors such that aren’t dark and dingy. The staircase is also well lit as it runs parallel to the courtyard. The long and narrow site, with building on either side, has views only towards the front and rear of the site. The guestrooms are located at the front and rear of the building to open towards the mountain and valley view from each room. Large glazings open out from each room onto a personal balcony towards the view. The adjacent rooms on all floors are positioned to maintain privacy in the individual room balcony and maximize the view.

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