Amaniva, a boutique hotel

Anjuna, Goa

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Situated on the way to Anjuna and Vagator Beach, this boutique hotel is designed to resonate with the laid back vibe of Goa.
Set on a narrow site, the hotel is designed in a linear manner, rising in level with the steep slope as one goes deeper into the property. The entrance is marked by a four-story structure minimal in design, which draws inspiration from the traditional Goan architecture, and is marked by large sloping roofs and balconies. The entrance leads to a large airy reception lobby with an informal check-in counter that doubles up as a coffee shop. This block houses the rooms on the first two levels, leading to suits and ending with pent-houses with large terraces and sprawling views. In addition, the conference room, terrace lounge, and the admin area are also a part of this structure.
The hotel opens up as one climbs further into the site. The front block rises to a pool and deck area and further to the café/ restaurant and bar area. A large Buddha statue sits near the pool and gives a centered and calming vibe. The pool creates a break between the built structures and opens the view for the restaurant.

The recreational area with the bar and café is designed with an open kitchen. This level rises up to the in-house micro-brewery. All these zones are well-knit with steps at multiple junctions, making the internal connectivity free-flowing and convenient.
Further up along the site sits the Spa room. Tucked away towards the rear of the site, it opens out towards the surrounding reserve forest. Further along, the site is the proposed space of individual cottages.
The idea was to create such a property where people could still enjoy the vibe of Goa even when they were not on the beach. The planning and architecture of the property is such that it gives the place a calm, laidback yet an upbeat vibe in keeping with what one expects when they visit Goa.

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